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Lady Castle Nursery is a new prestigious private nursery that asked us to help bring their new brand to life. A strong digital presence and responsive website gives parents flexibility of interaction. Fantastic engagement from staff, children and parents with the concept of The Hive has developed as a driving force behind the nursery's success. Lady Castle Nursery has quickly established itself as a highly desirable nursery with an ever-growing waiting list.
Advertising, Branding, CMS Development, Print Design, User Experience and Website Design & Building.
From the outset were keen to avoid the clichés all to familiar within the marketplace. First came the ‘Bee’ icon to connote an industrious, active and energetic community given wings by the infinite possibilities of childhood and inspired by the ‘Red Queen’ herself, Lady Barbara Castle, a proud alumna of Bradford Girls' Grammar School. This was developed across both the brand’s visual style, collateral and even the nursery environment, through the creation of The Hive as a metaphor for the nursery, both in the classrooms and out into it’s pollinator-friendly gardens.

Income generated from the popularity of the nursery have funded many developments at the nursery, one of which has been the move from a printed termly newsletter to a CMS driven eNewsletter that offers  greater flexibility of content. The responsive website was developed as the key communication channel. A bespoke CMS system allows staff to update all aspects of the site, giving parents access to urgent news and notices about the school at any point of the day via mobile devices.

Print still plays a vital role in Lady Castles' communications and marketing. We have produced templates for essential pupil information packs, press advertising, special events posters & banners and even signage.
Plugstreet worked very closely with us to establish Lady Castle Nursery as an independent day nursery – from initial brand development, including the uniform logo, signage and press advertising to a stunning responsive design website which continues to receive recognition for its quality of design and instinctive navigation.

The straightforward CMS, e-newsletter templates and data capture platforms have further enabled us to provide a cohesive and cost effective marketing strategy. Plugstreet are an incredible team of professionals who approach every project as if they are part of your organisation, ensuring a personalised and first-class service every time."

Laurafaye Muranka | Nursery Manager
Lady Castle Nursery

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Responsive CMS-Driven Website
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